Real estate is the major growing sector in both countries and even in Sweden it seems to be the most flourishing one. We deal in residential, commercial and industrial real estates. We are also in contact with the local developers for fulfill the renovation and designing demands. We promise to give the best return of investment, if done through our advice.

The best part is that the property will be at your foreign passport as you will be the direct owner of the property. This could also lead to the long-term living in Sweden. Additionally, we take care of the legal, insurances, rentals and other related matters for the entire term.


Tijarat Residential Properties

Due to the large inflow of refugees and students in last year, there is a lot of residential building demand in Sweden. The prices and rentals have been increased many folds. It is therefore the right time to make the investments in this growing market. The major cities to invest are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Jonkoping and Uppsala.


Tijarat Commercial Properties

You can’t do any business without having any commercial asset.Tijarat AB have lots of opportunities to have your own commercial assets.

Commercial areas are the main drivers of business. There is a lot of opportunities in the newly developed commercial areas and also have a great potential for rental income.


Tijarat Industrial Properties

Sweden is turning into a manufacturing, logistics and warehouse hub due to its strategic location in the Nordic area. Therefore, a lot of opportunities are present in the development of warehouses and logistics setups in the key locations of the country. One of them is Nassjo due to its importance being in the middle of the country. It is the road route to every transport going to southern part. The rentals of the warehouses are the best part of this investment. ROI is very low as compared to the other businesses.

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